Founded in 2020, Borough wines are all about collaboration, community, and giving back. When you buy these tasty drops, you are donating directly to Borough's nominated charity partner, the Graeme Dingle Foundation, and supporting child and youth development.

You are also joining a community of like-minded generous individuals: grape growers, winemakers, packaging suppliers, bottlers, carriers, and customers, who all make these contributions possible.

Today’s fast-paced technological change impacts on many levels within society; from education to employment, from communication tore creation. Our young people need to learn skills and strategies to develop into resilient people who can cope and thrive amongst this ongoing evolution and disruption. They need to learn how to work together, understand other perspectives, collaborate for mutual success, and how to bounce back from setbacks. The Graeme Dingle Foundation programmes support the development of these skills and values, so our youth are able to overcome the challenges they will inevitably face in life.

To find out more about this amazing charity, head to https://dinglefoundation.org.nz

So now it’s over to you. Buy this wine and give back!