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The Borough Story

The Borough story is all about collaboration and community. Almost every part of the process involved in bringing these wines to you has been donated or sponsored, so we can maximise the amount of money we are able to raise for a great cause.
As a result of this generous support, 100% of profits from this wine go directly to our nominated charity, the Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough. The funds raised will go toward the Foundation’s transformational programmes, empowering Marlborough’s young people to overcome any obstacles that life has in store for them. To find out more about this amazing charity, head to https://dinglefoundation.org.nz/marlborough
Here are the stories of some of the generous people who have got behind the Borough cause:


Mufaletta Vineyards

Mufaletta Vineyard is owned by two local Marlborough families with big hearts. They are generous supporters of various community projects and charities, geared towards making Marlborough a great place to grow up – and stay!

“We’re proud to support Borough’s fantastic initiative to raise funds for the Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough. Our wives, Sal and Susie, are both teachers, and have seen the fabulous work the Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough are doing through their Kiwi Can programme."

"Their programmes are encouraging the important values we need to make our community stronger, by equipping our young people to overcome the obstacles that life may throw at them.” 

(John Flanagan and Ben Glover, on behalf of Mufaletta Vineyards)

Mufaletta Vineyards kindly donated the grapes that make up the 2020 Borough wines.

Muffuletta Vineyards, Marlborough supporting Borough Wines

Lion New Zealand

“At Lion we believe a person’s ability to enjoy healthy sociability and high standards of wellbeing is dependent on solid mental and physical health, good social skills, quality relationships, positive parenting and strong communities. Deficits in these areas are the underlying causes of misuse of food and alcohol and also anti-social behaviour. Lion is proud to support the Borough wine initiative and the community programmes that Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough offer to help grow community resilience in all these areas.”

(Geoff Matthews, National Operations Director – NZ Wine, Lion New Zealand)

Lion New Zealand kindly donated the winemaking services, label and website design for Borough. 

Through the help of Lion New Zealand’s investment the Graeme Dingle Foundation will be able to expand its programmes in Marlborough, improving their social connectedness, relationships, resilience, behaviours and academic attitudes and engagement.

Lion New Zealand, Marlborough, supporting Borough Wines 

WineWorks Marlborough

WineWorks has had a long association with the Graeme Dingle Foundation as a founding sponsor so when the idea of Borough came up - they agreed it was an opportunity not to be missed.

“To be part of this – the chance to create a wine brand for the betterment of our community while showcasing what the wine industry could do – how could we say no! We are proud to be part of such a collaborative industry effort setting out to make a difference in our community. Our team of over 200 are delighted to be able to ‘apply their trade’ and make a positive contribution to this project. They can relate to the benefit it has for the youth of Marlborough, including in a lot of cases, their own children, through the programmes that the Graeme Dingle Foundation successfully operates.”

(Damien Gillman, Plant Manager, WineWorks Marlborough)

WineWorks kindly donated their services in bottling, warehousing and distributing the wine for Borough. 

WineWorks Marlborough supporting Borough Wines 

Guala Closures

Guala Closures has sustainability as a core value – and see their involvement with Borough as an obvious investment in our most important natural resource, our young people.

“As New Zealand’s only wine screwcap manufacturer, we see our role as supporting the local industry, their communities and young people. This is a great opportunity to be part of a wine industry team giving back to our communities - and our next generation.”

(Dave Campbell, General Manager, Guala Closures New Zealand).

Guala Closures were pleased to donate the 30x60 “Roll On” closures that feature on Borough wine bottles.

Guala Closures supporting Borough Wines 

Jim Tannock Photography

The images on this website, and the Borough bottles themselves are the handiwork of the talented Mr Tannock. Each photo is of a Marlborough location, with everyday Marlborough people (and animals). From a keen surfer catching a wave on a cold winter’s morning at the Awatere River mouth, to a laidback spot of reading and fishing on the jetty at Little Ngakuta Bay, Jim’s brief was to capture the beauty of the land and people.

“Combining imagery of everyday Marlborough people with lesser known, but quintessentially Marlborough, landscapes gave me the chance to show Marlborough through a different lens – pun intended. I enjoyed being part of creating the Borough story. Great cause.”

(Jim Tannock, Jim Tannock Photography).

Jim Tannock supporting Borough Wines 

And now it’s your turn!

Join us, enjoy these outstanding wines – and become part of the Borough story…